Valentines 2018. This was no ordinary February 14th solely dedicated to the profound expressions of love. In the turn of events, this year… valentine’s clashed with Ash Wednesday and ‘the Madrid game’.

This  ‘clash of the titans’ aroused an endless trail of jokes about how romance should be the last thing expected.

Buuuut…  woe to those that actually believed the world was going to hold back expressing love to their loved ones (HAHA! in your faces you anti-romance villains! *petty of me..I know I know lol*).

See, in reality, most people were actually  going over and beyond their means to please the people that meant a lot to them.

But how do I know this for sure?

Well, I too was helping organise a gift..for my bestfriend’s valentine.


As we moved from the town centre to various shopping malls, my eyes were astonished by the number of people moving round doing the same thing we were doing- gift hunting! 🙂

One thing that stood out for me was when we went to a flower shop (Flower Boutique) at midday only to discover they had run out of roses. People were really on top of their game.

Now, just the day before valentines I was talking to a male friend who was convinced valentine’s was meant to “favour the ladies”. According to him, only women received gifts and sentiments on that day… what a deadly misconception! I don’t know about other ladies but, the ladies in my circle were actually doing the most for their men.

Take a glimpse:


I believe love and its expression is meant to be reciprocated. If your woman is not doing the most for you… speak up! Let her know and let her change her ways… I know for certain that men love to be pampered too lol.

And for the men that continue to shower their women with gifts and affection. You stay winning. Small acts really keep the fire burning.

Men such as these: *Slow clap*


I’ve met a few people that don’t believe in Valentine’s because according to them, “love is an every day thing and not just a one day blah blah blah” well, firstly, *yawwwwwn*… I mean, taking a day to go ALL OUT for the one you love does not in any way take away from the fact that love continues to flourish on other days. Riddle me this, does the fact that your birthday is celebrated on one particular day take away from the fact that your life and existence is appreciated every other day? Certainly not! But, that’s just my strong opinion…and yes, it could be because I am a VERY SENTIMENTAL being. Unapologetically.

I undoubtedly love, love. My heart is warmed up to the thought of expressed love. Put simply, that is the reason I love days such as valentine’s. They allow for the expression of something I love, LOVE. 🙂

Having said that, I hope you showed and(or) someone showed you love this valentine’s and the days before and after.

Regardless, I’m glad to have witnessed the fact that the spirit of expressed love is still ALIVE.

Always let love lead.

Always express love.

Always love love.

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