Little Joys: Rain, Coffee and Chocolate-Chip Cookies ❤


Am I the only one that finds pure joy in the simplest things?

Sometimes it’s in the carefully crafted words of a social media publication.

Other times, unexpected compliments from friends,family or even strangers feel me with joy.

There also days when the sight of a beautiful sunset or the full moon in a clear sky fill my soul  with inexpressible bliss.

Well, today, I found my little joy in the morning rains, my coffee and chocolate chip cookies. Imagine that!

As the rain gracefully poured,  escorted by vigorous thunder and lightning…the warmth of the coffee and sweetness of the cookies were a perfect combination to experience the weather with.

Yes, I know you may be wondering “what’s the fuss?” It’s just coffee, cookies and familiar rains… but, like I said my joy is found in the little, simple things.

Today, this has been my little joy. ❤

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