The volatility of life


I lost my cousin today.

He died of  a short illness.

Lots of thoughts flooded my mind- I usually go through a similar phase whenever I hear of the passing of someone I knew personally.

Do they know?

Do they have even the slightest clue that this could be it?

Or are they met by shock?

What is it like on the other side? I wonder.

Do they miss us like we miss them?

Do they look back and wish they could have done, re-done or not done certain things?

In times like this, it dawns on me that life is…. volatile.

Any day could be my last day.

And most times I wonder, what the last day will be like.

Will I know?

Will I be met by shock?

What will finally close my door of life- an illness? an accident? murder?

Will I be ready?

Would I have lived a fulfilling life the time death will knock on my door?

What will I be remembered by?

Who will remember me?

….. Any day could be my last day. The volatility of life….

[RIP Mwila, till we meet again]

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