About 2021

“I do not know what my tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow”

Some years ago, I used to be BIG on resolutions. December was mostly my month of deliberate and intensive introspection. I would put pen to paper and list down things that went according to plan in the previous year, self loathe through the failures that could have been avoided and spiritedly plan for the following year.

My resolutions were like a year long to-do-list. Whereas there are many benefits that come from having years planned out to the dot, the spontaneity of life is such that most times, life will not flow in the planned direction (But, I will not dwell much on this because 2020 thoroughly handed down this lesson to all of us).

In the recent past, I have been more reluctant about setting year long resolutions. Instead, I plan for the month, week, day or any shorter term as I perceive it to be more… foreseeable and contextual.

To attempt to write about my hopes and plans for 2021 is extremely scary. 2020 taught me that hope is frail and plans can be very easily disrupted. That notwithstanding, some plans I have (that can be ‘publicly’ shared) include:

  1. TO WRITE MORE!!!! – I honestly do not have any logical explanation for my inconsistency as far as keeping this blog alive is concerned. This year, I hope I keep the fire constantly burning. (If you’re reading this and know me personally, feel free to make me accountable)
  2. TO BE MORE HEALTHY– I don’t know if this qualifies to be a resolution/plan in the strictest sense because it should be a given, innit? But well, I hope to be more deliberate and consistent with avoiding unhealthy- food, spaces, situations, people, ALL THAT.
  3. TO BE MORE INTENTIONAL ABOUT (+CONSISTENT WITH ) LOVING MY LOVED ONES- If you’ve read my post about what 2020 taught me, you would know that I spent most of my 2020 alone, physically (and if I’m being honest, emotionally) detached from my loved ones. This year I hope to be more expressive, loud and suffocating with my love. 🙂
  4. TO DO MY BEST– this is also one of those “vague cliché resolutions” but regardless, I hope I maintain the pace and desire it takes to simply… do my best. In anything and everything. Despite whatever comes my way. I plan to be intentional about harnessing my agility and resilience skills so as to rise above unexpected hurdles.

All in all, I pray God blesses my plans and gives me the wisdom and grace to accept His plans for me (which may vary from what I may have in mind).

What are your plans for 2021?

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