Along comes … APRIL :)

Photo credit: Turtleberrry Press

Can’t believe we are already in the fourth month of the year… time is indeed fleeting.

As we welcome April, we are drawn out of the first quarter of 2021. My unsolicited quarterly highlights of the year (which I have spontaneously thought of sharing) are as follows:

  • This blog got a special feature on a podcast review!!! Was truly honoured to have 16 minutes dedicated to reviewing some of my poetry. Thankyou Louisa Msiska, the voice behind The Failed Poet podcast ( )
  • I overcame imposter syndrome as far as my artistic journey is concerned, I know I may relapse here and there but for now, I BELIEVE IN MY SAUCE & MAJIC and most importantly, I’ll keep learning and growing.
  • Joined a group of my lawyer friends as we hope to create something to benefit the community- I’ll be sharing on this more as the execution process goes along.
  • I survived burnout and severe exhaustion – we live in a very high pressure era and I found myself slipping at some point in the quarter. I’m glad I pulled through.
  • God saved the life of someone I love dearly. This has been my GREATEST BLESSING in the first quarter.

Having shared the above, I must say, I can’t help but be optimistic about what the rest of this year has in store. The first quarter has been generally flavoured with loss of loved ones for most people as we continue to fight the COVID pandemic. As such, I don’t take it for granted that despite the world order, the sun has been finding time to shine on me.

Welcome April, be good to me. Please.

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