Black Is Not Pain

Photography by Muhammad Ibrahim; Poem also featured on:

Of bare rears and awkward stares

The shields and spears bowing to unknown fears

Bullets and triggers suppression in our land lingers

The colour of our skin being the measure used to demean our being

Being black amounts to pain

Of blood stain and black stain

The blood shed accustomed to our black shade

An unethical strain pouring through our cultural rain

Should being black always amount to pain?

Of captivation and seeking emancipation

Even at the hands of death

Unfathomed strength is birthed

The graceful carrying of legacies

Being black will not always be pain

Of revolutions and retelling tales

The rebirth of hope

The shift of perspective

The change of narratives

Being black is not pain

Of power and creativity

The freedom and longevity

The diversity of beauty

The continuous bliss of African passion and duty

Being black will never be pain.


[Was honoured have this poem reviewed and published by AfroRep, an African Creatives Journal, check it out at: ]

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