Creatives Hub: The Creator (#WinterABC- Day 1)

I am thrilled to be taking part in this year’s #WinterABC, for the first time ever. The line up of topics is very challenging and exciting and the discipline of having to blog everyday for the next couple of days is undoubtedly something I am looking forward to. I am always excited at the thought of varying perspectives and impressions. I am a firm believer in the beauty that lies in diversity, as such, I cannot wait to read through the different approaches my fellow Afrobloggers will have to the given topic guides. Here is what to expect in the weeks to come:

Ladies, gentlemen and all other amazing readers: Please buckle up as my Nsatu-rated Thoughts take you on a journey through the Creatives Week.

Welcome, to the room I call the Creatives Hub- a place where the various players in the creative cycle share their perspectives.

Have you ever imagined what goes through the mind of a Creator? Do you ever view the Created as living being with breath, soul and a story to tell? If the Creation Process sat down to share it’s perspective, would you listen?

Today, we will hear from The Creator ‘s perspective.

To some, I am a Wordsmith

To others, I am an Ink Slinger

I look in the mirror and see an inconsistent reflection

On some days, I thrive in my art

Creating creations that leave me mesmerized

Wondering if such perfection can truly be birthed from my mind

Or whether its just another lucky day

On other days, I slip through the cracks

The words don’t rhyme like they should

The ideas are not coherent

And there is a vivid disconnect between my brain and hands

I look at my creation and feel like apologizing

Knowing there’s something I intended to let out

But I just couldn’t write right.

I can attest, that I am a Jack of many trades

I trade in my time, skills and passion for a purpose

So when you ask for art that flows from my heart

I appreciate that you pay attention

I only wish you could value my creation and pay more than just attention.

As we usher in Day 2,

Dear Created, please tell us your story …

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