Creatives Hub: The Creation Process (#WinterABC – Day 3)

Have you ever imagined what goes through the mind of a Creator? Do you ever view the Created as a living being with breath, soul and a story to tell? If the Creation Process sat down to share it’s perspective, would you listen?

Dear Reader,

Welcome to yet another session of the Creatives Hub – a place where the various players in the creative cycle share their perspectives. Thank you for returning to this platform and following the discussions our panelists have been gracefully leading.

Over the past two days, we have journeyed through the minds of The Creator and The Created. If this is your first time following this connected talk, please feel free to start your catch up with yesterday’s post accessible here:

Today, we hear the perspective of The Creation Process.

I am the bridge between the creator and the created, so call me … Connection

I turn thoughts into words, songs, paintings, clothes and so much more

I aid creator’s to achieve their set goal

Whilst most people look to the destination, my value is found in the journey

There I hand down important life lessons, so call me …. Education

I teach how to be patient with the craft

I teach that it’s okay to have days of disconnection and lack of motivation

I teach that a hiatus when needed does not imply weakness

I teach that sometimes, regardless of well the created is created

The creator’s applause to self may be the loudest or only sound heard

I ensure that with every creation created- partially or wholly, the creator gets better, so call me … Evolution.

I am constantly evolving

Improving old ways and discovering new ways

I have no standard nor rigid procedure, so call me … Variation

I could be linear or curvilinear

To each creator, I am peculiar

Some tread my streets with cautiously thought out steps for days, weeks, months or years

Others reach their desired destination spontaneously in minutes or hours

Both are valid

Both are plausible

I thrive in harmony and interaction… So call me Co-operation

The power to draw inspiration from the community

The powerful strings of collaborations

The pats on the back and the helping hands to others on the same path

As you process creation,

Remember, the journey is the destination.

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