Business Talk: Mind Your Business (#WinterABC -Day10)

Hi Readers!

Thank you for coming back to my blog.

Welcome to yet another exciting week of the #WinterABC2021 Challenge by Afrobloggers. This week we are ushered into Business and Technology conversations– a very timely and much needed topic given the time we are living in.

Before we dive in, here is a reminder of where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going:

This post is a rant. lol. Quite unethical to get the ball rolling with a rant, right? But, I believe there are no strict rules to this … so here goes.

There have been a number of things that some business owners do/say, which I don’t quite agree with as a customer. I believe that every customer regardless of the age or pocket size, must be accorded a certain level of respect and etiquette. I decided to call this post “Mind your business” as I believe business owners have to be mindful on how their businesses are run.

That being said, here is a list of things that business owners do that I don’t like:

  1. DM for Price

For readers who may not know, DM stands for Direct Message. When advertising their products, some business do not put the prices out there but instead insist that any potential buyers should contact them directly and request for the price. To be honest, I find this lack of transparency very questionable and also inconveniencing. Questionable to the extent that, I feel some prices maybe altered depending on the person asking and there is no way to hold the business accountable as they do not have a written record of what the price should be.

2. Bad Communication Habits

Understandably, running a business is not the easiest thing to do. But there is no excuse in the land above or the land below that would sufficiently create reason for a business to be rude to it’s clients. I am a very “may I speak to the manager” person when confronted with impolite services because I feel that it is a terrible habit needing fixing.

In the classic movie, Matilda (one of my all time favourite movies), there is a scene where the father is orienting the son on selling cars. He then says something like “people don’t buy cars, they buy me.. that’s why I have to be presentable” The same can be said with every business. As a bonafide member of the Zed (Zambian) Twitter Community, I have noticed how people with likable personalities easily drive they’re business agendas and rally up support. It is not a coincidence. One’s personality has a bearing on the customer of potential customer- whether this bearing is positive or negative depends on the communication mannerisms.

3. Dishonesty

When I think of business owners who have given me a run for my money because of dishonesty, tailors come to mind. To accommodate the lack of efficiency and dishonesty of some tailors, there are unwritten rules that clients have come up with such as moving up the expectation date to avoid disappointment. I don’t think this should ever be the case. Businesses must openly communicate when to expect the product and stick to their word. In the fashion week, I will strive to profile one of my favourite Zambian tailors and commend her for her timely deliverables and exceptional work.

4. Over promising and under delivering

The bakers take the cake in this category. Pun unintended. I really do not like it when businesses indicate they have capacity to execute well and fail to deliver. I find it more honourable when some businesses admit they have never worked on what is being requested but will strive to deliver, this way client expectations are realistic and there is an option to go to another vendor.

All in all, to the readers running businesses (myself included lol), you’re commended for the hard work and the services you provide. This post is not to disregard all the strengths you hold but rather, it was just a gentle reminder to mind your business and take care of it’s growth by working on a few things that would make at least one customer (me) happy. πŸ™‚

In the days to come, I will share more business and tech content (which most likely won’t be a rant as I have let things off my chest here lol). I also look forward to reading the amazing content from other bloggers.

In the meantime, please share what some of your pet peeves are when it comes to businesses.

Almost signed the blog off with “Kind Regards” – perks of Mondaying in the Corporate World.

Until tomorrow,

Read on & Live long!

20 thoughts on “Business Talk: Mind Your Business (#WinterABC -Day10)”

  1. What annoys me the most is when the hairdresser or tailor lies in your face that l can plait your hair or work on this particular pattern. But the results will be terrible 🀣🀣🀣

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Heheh honesty is the best key. Also, I had a friend in Uni who would try out some risky styles on us her mates, consensually, at a discounted rate


  2. Hehehe Tailors are the ones that cause a havoc in Uganda but it’s getting better….

    Online only works with referrals you can’t just like a thing on your own and order heheh.

    I feel your pain sis I feel it and we relate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heheheh, I think the uprising of younger tailors/designers is giving competition in the industry. Those that used to lag are now stepping up. Thanks for reading and engaging πŸ™‚


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