It’s Crazy …

It’s crazy

That I chose to name this blog it’s crazy but… that’s how my life has felt for the past hours, days, weeks may be months?

Writing is an outlet… so here I am, trying to catch my breath as I lose myself in words hoping I somehow I find myself here too.

It’s crazy

Cause I don’t even know how I want to write about what I want to write about

Should it be poetic? Should it be uncoordinated? Or should it be a long tale of how life can sometimes be … crazy.

I always gravitate towards the artists that can easily show their scars- I appreciate them for being living proof that the world accommodates doldrums and doesn’t always demand highs without lows

Even more I admire them for I know all too well that it takes a lot of strength to be weak

So here I am.. in my weakness

Perceiving strength, although it eludes me.

It’s crazy … cause I literally do not know what to write after that line.

I guess these are the consequences of not critically thinking and planning through stuff before it’s said or done


Cause I’m living through other consequences of other similar acts

On days like this, I fall back on the words of John Green, one of my favourite authors :

Pic by: Redbubble

I need never be hopeless, I remind myself

Because I can never be irreparably broken

The hope of repair, soothes despair

I live to fight another day,

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