On Culture: Sounds from Africa (#WinterABC- Day 15)

Picture credit: Uclg

I think it is inadequate to speak of the African Culture without bringing music in the conversation. I’m very Afrocentric and gravitate a lot towards African Music- both old and new school.

In this post, I share up to 10 of my favourite jams across the continent. I should immediately say that this list is not exhaustive. Also, get your dancing shoes if you can or grab some coffee… as this will be both banging and soothing. Because if there’s one thing African Songs have? it’s RANGE.

  1. We dive in, with a befitting song to toot the African Horn:
To be honest, I feel this could make for some sort of African Anthem, don’t you think? A gem.

2. Ohhh, Tuku… A regional and international treasure. Also my birthday mate ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one of my many favourites by him (he may feature more than once on this list):

One of the Youtube comments which I rely on for interpretations of songs I cant understand describes the song as follows: “This song came out during the Era when having HIV was like a death penalty. He is basically saying that what shall we do to get the cure for this pandemic. If there is anyone who can have the ideas on the solution to this crisis, please come forward. He goes on to say: it is so painful to be raped by your married partner, knowing that you have HIV. Above all, there is no solution after death, we want the solution now

3. This is one of Awilo’s greatest projects. It was not an african party or wedding before this song was played:

If at this point your head is not bopping and your waist is not shaking… You’re disappointing our African Ancestors.

4. To keep the pace, here is yet another classic that captures the high African Spirit and our love for dance:

We could replace the desired African Passport with knowledge of this song and I am convinced people would still get by. It is one of the popular ones that easily crossed national boarders and became a household favourite.

5. I bring you to my home land, ZAMBIA, with is one- one of our timeless Artists (then known as Exile, now Israel)

This song is a comfort song. Pretty much telling someone, “you don’t look good being miserable, a face of yours deserves constant happiness and laughter” – don’t we all need to hear that sometimes?

6. Whilst we are in Zambia, it is only right that I roll out another one from a favourite:

This song pretty a vibing song. It talks about how his muse makes the time stop and temperatures rise. Romantics in the house say awwwwwww ๐Ÿ™‚

7. We can’t deny the era, P-square ushered us into. This is definitely another African Sound. Easily made me get hooked to Naija beats:

My schoolmates and I had a dance routine to this song. Good times.

8. This list cannot be complete without a feature from the legendary Brenda Fassie. This my personal favourite from her:

What a jam!

9. To shine a light on the new school, I know this scale is not balanced, I reminisced on a few songs and found myself going deeper. Buuut, Sauti Sol!!!! Helloooo… these guys are really doing everything beautiful. Here’s one of my favourites by them:

The aesthetic, the vocals, it’s EVERYTHING for me.

10. And to end on a high note, here is one for your waists… Waah!

I love how diverse and beautiful the African Culture is. Music is a very integral part of our culture. It is used to entertain, comfort and educate as shown in the pieces shared above.

This week, the Afrobloggers camp is heating up Winter with all things Culture and Fashion. Looking forward to more of what the week has in store.

Until then,

Live long & read on!

14 thoughts on “On Culture: Sounds from Africa (#WinterABC- Day 15)”

  1. Obhh I have to check them out
    I loovveee naija beats๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
    Brenda Fassie remains a legend. May she continue to rest in peace

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