Culture and Fashion Week: Rumbling Recap (#WinterABC Challenge- Day 19)

Wow… I can’t believe we are already at the end of 4 weeks and into the 5th and final week as far as the WinterABC Challenge is concerned.

This week was very exciting as it allowed for necessary conversations to be had. From the pieces I had the chance of reading, we all mostly focused on either our regional culture, that is, the African Culture or various national or tribal cultures. Again confirming the truth which is that culture is VAST.

In my post on whether the African Culture is building the Africa we want , I concluded that, whereas there are aspects of our culture beneficial for the future of Africa, we may have to do away with a lot of other retrogressive acts that are being retained in the name of culture.

A lot of aspects of culture was discussed this week. We had amazing and thought provoking posts on food, clothing, music, lobola, Female Genital Mutilation etc. I will edit this post along the way and share links from my amazing fellow bloggers.

This week was also about all things fashion! I think it was strategic that the two topics were paired. In my E-nterview with RKC – A Zambian Fashion designer, she said that “Something that I learned is that fashion and culture dance around each other with people and communities at the center ” and I sternly believe there could be no better words to accurately capture how the two are intertwined.

I loved that most of the fellow bloggers allowed us to journey through their personal wardrobes or national and tribal practices by sharing the types of clothes worn. It was beautiful to see! I like that most people also related with practices of Sustainable Fashion which I shared in echoing guidance from a Zambian Fashion blogger, Taonga.

On a personal level, this week was not the easiest as life kept happening. But, I am glad I caught up all the same and pushed through on my commitment to fully participate on all the 22 days of this challenge- a resilient queen! if I do say so myself lol.

Looking forward to the free story telling leeway in the next three days as we bid farewell to June and the challenge.

I have amazing ideas of the stories I will be telling. Can’t wait to read what others create.

Until then,

Live long & read on!

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