Hello Lovely Readers!

I took a much needed hiatus from back to back blogging right after the WinterABC Challenge. I am well rested now and feel very glad to be back 🙂

As an aftermath to the challenge, I was inspired by Shazzy‘s appreciation post and thought it wise to also come back to express my gratitude for being nominated as one of the Most Outstanding Bloggers of the WinterABC 2021 Challenge – it is such a milestone in my blogging journey and I dont take it lightly.

Here are some of the heart warming reviews I got:

They say gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, so here I am… pouring out my love and gratitude to you all. Your sentiments mean SO MUCH to me.

A huge congratulations to all the other nominees, you can find their names and blog links here . A special congratulatory wish to the winner of the Most Outstanding Blogger Award: Elise Tirza!!! A very well deserved win.

Looking forward to blogging and growing in the days/weeks/months/years to come!

Until then,

Live long & read on!

6 thoughts on “Appreciation Blog: MOST OUTSTANDING WINTERABC2021 BLOGGER NOMINATION!!!”

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