Faith Chronicles: Introduction

Hello my beautiful people,

Welcome back to my blog. I always love interacting with you all on this platform, I value your engagements.

So, if you have been reading my blogs lately, you should notice a strong leaning towards faith related blogs. I feel the more I keep pouring in, the more I just want to pour out and share the goodness of my experiences and the overwhelming love of God.

In that light, I have finally come up with what I believe will be an appropriate name for my spiritual sharings: Faith Chronicles. I will have a specific blog category for all my faith related entries. I would not want to limit it to a “series” that is time bound or seasonal as I want my faith blogs to be as inspired, spontaneous and continuous as possible. I hope to get to feature and collaborate with many people too as we share our life lessons, testimonies and encounters.

Why the name Faith Chronicles?

I will very soon have a separate post that delves deeper into what the Word of God says on Faith. It is so rich and foundational to everything we aspire for in a good Christian journey. I chose the name Faith Chronicles as I believe the main aim will by and large be for all readers to have their faith in God increased and rooted through the blogs.

Scripture in Romans 10:17 says:

I am excited to share this journey with you all.

I look forward to interacting around the Word of God with you all.

Until then,

Stay rooted in love and kindness.

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