Faith Chronicles: Come Home

I had scheduled to share scripture on faith as the part 2 entry to the Faith Chronicles. I felt it would be befitting in laying the foundation of the series. But, something happened between last night and this morning that just churned me on this new path and I have been inspired to write and share all about it.

Short as it may be, I pray your hearts are blessed by this.

So last night, at about 10-11pm, there was a power cut at my place. By the time power was going, my phone’s battery had already almost died out and my laptop was following suit. I was not bothered though, as I was certain that power would be restored later in the night or really early in the morning and I would still be able to charge up in time for my work hours- given that we are working remotely.

My usual sleep routine includes waking up during the night for a pee or water break or just to readjust my sleep position. But almost always, I wake up during the night and continue to sleep after some time. So, I woke up- as usual. To my surprise, and disappointment, power was not back yet. At this point, both my phone and laptop had their batteries low. I went back to sleep hoping the early mornings would bring the needed power restoration.

I woke up at 6am and power was not back yet. I had a remote presentation to make at work by 7:30am and at this point I begun to PANIC. After a few minutes of wondering what I would do, I remembered I lived near my other home (my parent’s house). I did not know whether or not there was power at my parent’s house, I could not confirm because my gadgets were low, but something just told me to GO HOME. I quickly showered and headed home with nothing but, hope. By this time, I was running out of time and my presentation slot was fast approaching.

After a few minutes, I got home and found a smiling mother and house full of power. I had some decent minutes left before my meeting time too. Enough to set up, charge up and even have a hot breakfast meal.

In that moment, I was reminded of this scripture:

I find it amazing how God uses real life scenarios and situations as a stern reminder of his Word to us. In my physical moment of weary and burden, I was reminded to come home and I got my rest and provision here. I will remember to always turn to my spiritual home whenever my spirit and soul is weary and burdened. Whenever I cant seem to find solutions on my own, I will always remember to go to God and find REST.

Please listen to this song:

I hope you have been blessed by this sharing.

Stay rooted in love and kindness.

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