January 2022: New Beginnings

First things first, Happy New Year!!!! Thankyou so much for returning to my blog and being part of my journey this far. I am excited for the conversations, collaborations and creations that will come with this year.

I was wondering what title would befit my first blog of the year, till I came across daily scriptures by The Scribes Portion (picture inserted below). They themed January as “New Beginnings” and I felt a settling peace within me to believe that that’s exactly what this month and dare I say, year will be about for me. New Beginnings.

Please do feel free to join me in journeying through these scriptures daily. I believe there is something in it for me and I’m praying to God to minister to me this month. But for now, back to the blog…

There’s something about new years that is as exciting as it is unsettling. This particular new year has found me in a space of profound gratitude to God. Thanking him for bringing me this far and for all the blessings up to now.

The new year has also inevitably ushered me into a season of deep introspection, re-strategizing, refocusing and most importantly HOPING. Hoping that this will be one of my best years yet. Hoping everything I put my mind and heart to succeeds. Hoping I maintain good physical and mental health despite the lows I may encounter.

I am still gathering my specific resolutions and will probably blog about that separately.

For now, I wish you all an AMAZING 2022 filled with fresh breaths, peace, joy, love, success and new beginnings.

Laugh often and smile more,

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