Black Is Not Pain: Stories of Africa (WinterABC2022)

Of bare rears and awkward stares
The shields and spears bowing to unknown fears
Bullets and triggers suppression in our land lingers
The colour of our skin being the measure used to demean our being
Being black amounts to pain

Of blood stain and black strain
The blood shed accustomed to our black shade
An unethical rain pouring through our cultural reign
Should being black always amount to pain?

Of captivation and seeking emancipation
Even at the hands of death
Unfathomed strength is birthed
The graceful carrying of legacies
Being black will not always be pain

Of revolutions and retelling tales
The rebirth of hope
The shift of perspective
The change of narratives
Being black is not pain

Of power and creativity; re-writing of history
The freedom and longevity
The diversity of beauty
The continuous bliss of African passion and duty
Being black will never be pain.

Today is the first day of the second week of the #WinterABC2022 challenge. This week’s theme is Stories of Africa and I could not think of a better curtain raiser than re-sharing a poem I authored last year (slightly tweaked for this publication).

When I wrote Black is Not Pain, I wanted to paint a picture that not only showed where we are coming from as Africa but also where we are and where we are going. The struggle and blood shed is an undeniable part of our history but it does not end there. Africans are a force to be reckoned with in every sphere of life. That is the story I intend to tell, that is the truth I intend to live.

I am African. I am Woman. I am Proud.

Journey with me this week as I join other voices across Africa in telling stories of Africa.

Until then,

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