The Hunter’s Letter: Dear Lion

Until the lion begins to write, the stories will glorify the hunter” You say
Dear Lion,
Do you really perceive that glory comes from the story I tell?
What is glory?
What is the story?
See how closely linked you’ve defined your being to your history?
You appear to hold both the lock and the key to the cage you’re in it’s contradictory
Whilst I stay in present times moving ahead and securing more economic victory

Dear Lion,
Is it I who hunts you still
Or the hunter now lives within
The police brutality; cadreism; and corruption
Despite the playing field being almost equaled with education and emerging innovation
You walk and dine among hunters but its my image you choose to vituperate
On internal struggles you don’t seem to concentrate

Dear Lion,
How far from the pack have strayed?
Trade unions, African Organisations and expansions of intra-routes
All seem to bear little fruits
Most remain just roots

Dear Lion,
Is it I who hunts you still
or the hunter now lives within?
When you look closely you will realize that the lion has now become hunter
So tell me … who is really telling the story?
And who is receiving the glory?
Until the lion begins to write, the stories will glorify the hunter

[A response to Nashe’s Of Lions With Notebooks . The Hunter’s perspective.]

8 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Letter: Dear Lion”

  1. Ooh I love it, love it!
    Dear Hunter,
    You are funny indeed. Yes, I do hold both the lock and the key – the lock of my bondage and they key of your success. Talk of education, you did teach me so well, in a very positive way to despise myself, to believe that I had no history to talk about – the end result is my self confidence was badly undermined. Do not try to act all innocent and as if you are the victim. You are a product of your grandfather’s deeds, you are 6 steps ahead only because your father cheated in this marathon so no, the playing field is not leveled for it is you who created this hunter in me. You are not the victim here !

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    1. Dear Lion,
      I sympathize with you
      Literally, I do
      Look at the aid I give you
      But my grandfather’s deeds I can not undo
      And my intentions for you may never be pure an true
      I am not the victim nor am I your closest friend
      But focusing on the past, may leave you in the past
      As the rest of the world advances by
      Its why I implore you
      To resort to the power of your pack
      You can chase the hunting mentality away if you lion’s had each other’s backs
      Take advantage of democracies
      To vote in powers that will lead you to better days and legacies

      [This dialogue is refreshing, great response]

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