Unforgettable Mind Games: Stories of Innovation



Tiled walls of our never ending abyss

Black- like freshly brewed coffee

As strong and addictive as the sound of your voice

White- like a soft linen

Spread across our bed of roses

Petals and thorns

Bishops and pawns

I am your Queen

Or so you say

Allowing me to go my way

Yet confining me to defined routes

With every move

You weaken our roots

You are my King

You keep making

Seemingly small yet extremely calculated moves

Sometimes we attack

Sometimes we defend

The rise and fall of our territory

Beaconed by the delicacy of our supremacy

Surrounded by friends and foes

The bends and sores

The ends and falls

Our mates keep us in check

Safe to call them our “check-mates”

It could be chess,

It could be love.

All I know is, it’s an unforgettable mind game.

Hey friend!

Hope you are well. Still in the week of Stories of Innovation.

There’s something about this week’s prompts that have sparked my poetic interest. In this blog, I pen down a piece trying to explain love using the imagery of chess. Two of the most unforgettable mind games I know!

I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time,

If where you are is anything like where I am, PLEASE KEEP WARM.

Byyyyyye xo

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