2022: Reflections Blog

I still can’t believe we have finally bid farewell to 2022 and successfully ushered in 2023. This blog is my reflection of how the year was for me with some highlights that made it worthwhile/gave me lessons to go by.

Generally, I think last year was quite fast paced- one moment we were in January, then we blinked into May and before we knew it October had swiftly ushered into December which did not hesitate to close the curtains of the year giving way to 2023.

Regardless of how fast time went by, it was without a doubt a year worth reflecting on. As anticipated in my 2022 New Year’s Blog, (January 2022: New Beginnings ) the year was indeed flavored with numerous ‘new beginnings’.

In numerical order, which functions for sequential purposes only and not as a measure of importance, my highlights/experiences/lessons of 2022 are as follows:

Side note: I would have loved for this to be a multimedia blog with pictures, links and videos to share a detail experience but I feel a bit fatigued to day and may get back to flavouring this post further in the near future. I hope my words are vivid to paint mental pictures (if need be).

  1. I got PROMOTED !!!

This was one highlight of my year that really shined bright and meant alot to me. When I am not busy blogging, I work as a Tax and Legal Consultant for one of the Big 4 International Audit and Advisory firms. As you can imagine, our work environment is very competitive as everyone is extremely hardworking, skilled and intelligent (I have amazing co-workers). But what this means is that, in order to get promoted or progressed, I had to go the extra mile and really dedicate myself.

In order to climb up the ranks from entry level trainee graduate (when I joined in 2019) to now Assistant Manager (promotion role), I had to put in extra hours of work, be intentional about learning new skills and mastering old skills and always have a teachable spirit that learns from errors and does not shy away from guidance. I look forward to seeing what 2023 will have in store for my professional journey, praying I get promoted to the Manager role. But in the meantime, I am so grateful for where I am right now.

I should add that I am currently the youngest AM in our local office :). Was so proud of me for this. I promise to write a blog dedicated to young professionals detailing the lessons I have learnt and things I have navigated so far.

2. My nephew was born!!!

My sister is my very best friend and I remember journeying through her pregnancy with her like it was mine. A mixture of anxiety and excitement consumed me when it was time for her to go into labour. I still remember the joy I felt when I held my little baby boy the day he was born. After many months, he has grown to be the most beautiful little boy who looks exactly like me hehe (I strongly make this claim regardless of other naysayers aka my older brother and some close friends).

I am a dedicated family lady and the acclaimed “Aunty Rich Rich” to my nieces and nephews, I try my best to love them all the best way I can and I pray God grants me the wisdom, capacity and grace to always be there for them in whichever capacity required.

Baby Tata’s birth was one of my favourite 2022 moments.

3. Spearheaded a Successful Literacy Tools Donation

I serve as a volunteer trustee board member for a Sport for Development NGO whose works are based to assist the underprivileged children in Southern Province, Zambia. During our February 2022 visit, the parents of the children expressed the difficulties they face in securing literacy tools for the children. I am passionate about Children’s Rights and general welfare as such this need echoed in my spirit and birthed the desire to play a part in making sure something could be done. I shared my thoughts with my bestfriend and she was more than supportive and together we brainstormed till we created a campaign called, “2Hands 2Books Campaign”. Many volunteers came on board for this cause and together we managed to collect and donate over 1000 books, pens, pencils and other literacy tools to the children. I’ll profile more about this initiative and others under the “Inspiring Stories” segment of this blog.

Through my CSR involvement at work, I spoke to our partnership who also made a substantial donation to the children.

My heart felt an inexpressible settling peace and joy- seeing the smile on the children’s faces. I hope we get to touch more lives in 2023.

4. Beautiful Friendship Moments

If there was a ever a poster child for beautiful girl friendships, I would be a strong contender. I have so many amazing friends and in 2022, I was able to create beautiful memories with most of them. I am grateful for this.

On one of my adventures with friends, I tried kayaking for the very first time and it was beyond awesome. Could be my favourite sport if a one time experience that lacks sporting consistency is not a criteria/measure of “favourite” lol

5. I won my first blogging award!!!

This was definitely a beautiful moment for me in 2022. Read more about it here: I-won-my-first-ever-blogging-award.

6. I Travelled

Although all of my travels were in-country, I love having the chance to travel miles away from home on a number of occasions. I blogged about one of the experiences here: Travel-blog-kumapili-hotel-in-chililabombwe-zambia.

I hope to get more adventures and to go out of the country more than once in 2023.

7. My Business Grew and Thrived!!!

I have a fragrance business: Scents by Satu. I started in December 2021 but 2022 was really the year of gaining ground and growing. I made such amazing strides and I am encouraged to keep giving it my whole. I will dedicate a shameless self-promo blog to it some time this year :).

8. Above all, my family and I made it into the next year in good health and good spirits. I really count my blessings!

I will make a separate blog on some of my expectations/plans for 2023. Thinking of creating my first ever vision board to see how it goes.

You will be hearing from me soon!

Until then,


-Love, Miss Nsatu.


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