About Change

Hello lovely people! I hope that you have all been well in the time I have been away. How have I been? Well, I have been a lot of things to be honest. Happy, stressed, sad, confused, upset, jealous, fulfilled, loved, jovial, anti-social, busy ... Like I said, I have been- alot of things. But… Continue reading About Change

“Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation”: WinterABC2022

The story begins way before I begin Housed for generations in the experiences preserved by storytellers that existed way before I did My home an incubation of the storyteller that lives within me Through jokes and laughter and fireside stories My home a portal transporting me to worlds bigger than my own Through books and… Continue reading “Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation”: WinterABC2022

Unforgettable Mind Games: Stories of Innovation

Black White Tiled walls of our never ending abyss Black- like freshly brewed coffee As strong and addictive as the sound of your voice White- like a soft linen Spread across our bed of roses Petals and thorns Bishops and pawns I am your Queen Or so you say Allowing me to go my way… Continue reading Unforgettable Mind Games: Stories of Innovation

How play healed me: Stories of Innovation

As a child, I always loved the company of friends Typical of my then extroverted nature to find meaning and belonging in the presence of others The jokes and laughter Like sweet melodies soothing away stress and troubles that were akin to the child I was My happiness was found in the way we'd play… Continue reading How play healed me: Stories of Innovation

Business E-nterview-Plantful Way : Stories of Our World

Hello Beautiful People! Thank you for returning to my blog and journeying with me through the WinterABC2022 storytelling festival by the Afrobloggers Community. This week, our theme requires us to tell Stories of our World. As I tell my share of Stories of our World, I am more than honoured to feature Plantful Way and… Continue reading Business E-nterview-Plantful Way : Stories of Our World

Social Media Marketing: Stories of our World

Stories of our World is this week's theme as we continue in the WinterABC2022 journey in the Afrobloggers camp. I love how vast this theme is because, the world has so many stories to tell as there is so much happening and changing. I hope time and chance allows me to tell some of these… Continue reading Social Media Marketing: Stories of our World

Dead Beat: Stories of Awareness

I am sorry that this post comes on a day when Fathers should be celebrated for the good they do. But in the spirit of awareness, this is for the Fathers that deserve to do better! Dead beat Yet your heart still beats A figure of strength and girth But not strong enough to carry… Continue reading Dead Beat: Stories of Awareness

“As a Woman” : Stories of Awareness

Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to my blog and another late entry... but time is an illusion.. lol so content over timeframes yeah? yeah. On a more serious note, I am still responding to this week's theme of Stories of Awareness. This week we received a prompt from Teakisi titled "African Women". The thought of… Continue reading “As a Woman” : Stories of Awareness