Business E-nterview: Cherry Bakes (#WinterABC- Day 13)

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It is Business & Tech Week in the Afrobloggers camp and this means, we are talking all things technology and business.

On the Nsatu-Rated Thoughts side of the internet, different entrepreneurs are sharing their perspectives and experiences in an exciting original series called: Business E-nterview.

For today’s segment, Cherry Bakes – a very talented, passionate and quality- driven baker based in Zambia will be profiled.

Please, do enjoy our dialogue below:

  1. How would you describe your business in 5 words?
  • Delicious and Yummy
  • Passion and Attention to detail
  • Quality and Perfection
  • Genuine love for the craft
  • Gob-smacking

2. What made you choose the industry you are in?

  • I love the art of baking and also love the smile it brings to people’s faces

3. What is that one thing that you feel sets you apart from competitors in the industry?

  • Quality, I believe in quality, no short cuts. I also believe in paying attention to detail as well as great customer service

4. When did you start your business and what are some of your key milestones so far?

  • March 2020 during the first covid ‘Lusaka lockdown’. So far, a key milestone for me was reaching my social media page to 1K + with not so much (minimal) effort according to me and the numbers keep increasing.

5. Has technology impacted your business in any way?

  • Soo so much. The fact that pictures can entice a total stranger to trust me & give me their money to satisfy their craving is still unbelievable for me. The fact that I do not have to even see people but still make ways to communicate, transfer money and meet only when it comes to delivery. It’s amazing.

Full of love; Sweet; Scrumptious; Moist; Tasty; Affordable; Consistent; Meticulous; Smart; Punctual; Inclusive; Creative; Simple; Elegant; Catchy and filling …

– Client Reviews on Cherry Bakes-

6. What would you list as the advantages and disadvantages of running a business in a pandemic?


  • For me who did not have a job it became a side hustle that pushed me to improve my skill despite many people being laid off from formal employment.
  • The shift of using online platforms for me was a plus because the whole world went digital and this allowed me to market myself even better without having to physically do a lot. Asides from that it allowed me to even select my target audience


  • Sky rocketing cost of goods and services such as baking supplies and services such as electricity & fuel forcing me to often adjust prices.
  • It limited me from holding some scheduled events such as cake testing as such gatherings pose great risk for spreading of the corona virus.

7. What are some of you customer retaining techniques?

  • Always be honest, patient, and kind. Clients always remember how well they were treated & handled. Sometimes it’s hard especially when you are having a bad day, bad week, sick, burned out or even when some clients are just not so nice.  
  • Always make sure you explain your terms & conditions carefully to clients before receiving the deposit. From my experience, it makes clients know you value them more than their money. Until today, I receive most of my clients from referrals or recommendations

8. Any closing remarks?

  • I am not where I want to be but I am getting there slowly and surely. I have big plans to expand my business in the next 5 years, to improve my skills even more and make cakes & cupcakes that are both unforgettable & irresistible! Its all just time but with God by my side, I know anything is possible, just look at where I am coming from?!.
  • Last but not the least I would like to thank my wonderful clients who have continued to support me. My family & friends who have continued to show me so much love and support, I owe you guys so much!
  • Thank you to you Nsatu for this opportunity to share about my business. I Hope to have another interview like this in the next 5 years! God bless

To place your orders and or interact further with Cherry Bakes follow the facebook page, accessible here:

Blogger’s Remarks: Some of my key takeaways from this interview include:

Firstly, the fact that Cherry Bakes is intentional about excellence. As we know from my “Mind Your Business” rant a few days back, over promising & under delivering is one of my pet peeves when it comes to businesses. So, to have a business that takes care and pride in delivering excellence and paying attention to the craft is outstanding!

Secondly, in light of the Business & Tech theme, I think it can be agreed that in this era, thriving businesses are embracing the efficiencies of technology.

Also, notice how this business started just around the same time the Covid pandemic was rolling out? Yet it continues to rise above the hardships linked with running a business during a pandemic- talk about resilience.

I’m grateful to Natasha Nsofu, the face and talent behind this business for taking time to share her perspectives. Natasha, I can’t wait to have a follow up interview with you 5years from now. I know all your dreams and aspirations will be achieved beyond expectation.

Be on the look out as more amazing entrepreneurs are profiled on the Business E-nterview. We continue to discuss all things business, tech and pandemic resilience.

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