Advocacy Week: It’s okay not to be okay (#WinterABC- Day 8)

When you’re used to constantly showing strength, you feel out of element when you have to be weak

It’s rarely about the perception of others

Your emotions may make you feel like you’re letting yourself down

But remember, it’s okay not to be okay

There are times when unknown fears start creeping in

When you look for strength but it eludes you

Your heart tires

And your soul aches

You feel like life’s a battle field

And you’re terribly losing the war

But remember it’s okay not to be okay

Some times life gets heavy

The waves get wavy

For every time you feel like you’re drowning

Look closely and you’ll see life guards ready to help keep you afloat

You’re never alone in life’s rocky boat.

It’s okay not be okay …

But eventually, you will be okay.

And when words are not enough, I hope songs like this one help you pull through:

Dedicated to everyone who battles with anxiety and depression,

Dedicated to everyone who has felt like throwing in the towel one too many times

Dedicated to you

Dedicated to me ….