Faith Chronicles: Come Home

I had scheduled to share scripture on faith as the part 2 entry to the Faith Chronicles. I felt it would be befitting in laying the foundation of the series. But, something happened between last night and this morning that just churned me on this new path and I have been inspired to write and share all about it.

Short as it may be, I pray your hearts are blessed by this.

So last night, at about 10-11pm, there was a power cut at my place. By the time power was going, my phone’s battery had already almost died out and my laptop was following suit. I was not bothered though, as I was certain that power would be restored later in the night or really early in the morning and I would still be able to charge up in time for my work hours- given that we are working remotely.

My usual sleep routine includes waking up during the night for a pee or water break or just to readjust my sleep position. But almost always, I wake up during the night and continue to sleep after some time. So, I woke up- as usual. To my surprise, and disappointment, power was not back yet. At this point, both my phone and laptop had their batteries low. I went back to sleep hoping the early mornings would bring the needed power restoration.

I woke up at 6am and power was not back yet. I had a remote presentation to make at work by 7:30am and at this point I begun to PANIC. After a few minutes of wondering what I would do, I remembered I lived near my other home (my parent’s house). I did not know whether or not there was power at my parent’s house, I could not confirm because my gadgets were low, but something just told me to GO HOME. I quickly showered and headed home with nothing but, hope. By this time, I was running out of time and my presentation slot was fast approaching.

After a few minutes, I got home and found a smiling mother and house full of power. I had some decent minutes left before my meeting time too. Enough to set up, charge up and even have a hot breakfast meal.

In that moment, I was reminded of this scripture:

I find it amazing how God uses real life scenarios and situations as a stern reminder of his Word to us. In my physical moment of weary and burden, I was reminded to come home and I got my rest and provision here. I will remember to always turn to my spiritual home whenever my spirit and soul is weary and burdened. Whenever I cant seem to find solutions on my own, I will always remember to go to God and find REST.

Please listen to this song:

I hope you have been blessed by this sharing.

Stay rooted in love and kindness.

Faith Chronicles: Introduction

Hello my beautiful people,

Welcome back to my blog. I always love interacting with you all on this platform, I value your engagements.

So, if you have been reading my blogs lately, you should notice a strong leaning towards faith related blogs. I feel the more I keep pouring in, the more I just want to pour out and share the goodness of my experiences and the overwhelming love of God.

In that light, I have finally come up with what I believe will be an appropriate name for my spiritual sharings: Faith Chronicles. I will have a specific blog category for all my faith related entries. I would not want to limit it to a “series” that is time bound or seasonal as I want my faith blogs to be as inspired, spontaneous and continuous as possible. I hope to get to feature and collaborate with many people too as we share our life lessons, testimonies and encounters.

Why the name Faith Chronicles?

I will very soon have a separate post that delves deeper into what the Word of God says on Faith. It is so rich and foundational to everything we aspire for in a good Christian journey. I chose the name Faith Chronicles as I believe the main aim will by and large be for all readers to have their faith in God increased and rooted through the blogs.

Scripture in Romans 10:17 says:

I am excited to share this journey with you all.

I look forward to interacting around the Word of God with you all.

Until then,

Stay rooted in love and kindness.

Honest Musings: More Than Gold

I have been meditating on the song titled “More Than Gold” by Judikay and I have been inspired to share on what it means to me, in this season and generally.

But first, here is the song:

Lately, I have been in a season which, all things being equal, should be one of my happiest ever. Almost everything I ever prayed for has come to fruition. Unfortunately, in this very season, I have been feeling more empty and lost than usual.

At first, I couldn’t put an exact finger on why the feelings were that way. I took a few steps back and begun evaluating my relationship with God and with people that matter most to me. I very quickly found myself lacking. I then realized that in this fast paced life full of various goals, ambitions and desires, I slacked in keeping my relationship with God as intense and consistent as it should be. The emptiness was a longing, a yearning… for a flame that once burnt so brightly.

As a deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you …

The song by Judikay really speaks volumes when it comes to the reality of the void in worldly possessions and achievements. God is truly all that is more than gold. One could “have it all” but without God, there really would be no contentment or peace. He is after all, the only one that gives peace that surpasses all human understanding.

” More than riches, more than life… Jesus is more than Gold…”

So, in this season, I am being intentional about re-igniting the flame. I love that scripture assures me that once I draw close to Him, He will draw close to me. Such a blessed assurance.

“Sweet Jesus, you’re the eyes that I see through. Sweet Jesus, I am dancing to your tune …”

Pray for me as I pray for you.