Business E-nterview: Shortstuff- Gift Concierge (#WinterABC- Day 12)

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In the next days, I will profile some amazing entrepreneurs as we talk business, technology and pandemic resilience. I call this series Business E-nterview (because of the virtual nature- fancy right? lol)

The first to be profiled is an exceptional Zambian based gift concierge who goes by the business name “ShortStuff”.

Please give a hearty welcome to Mubanga Hellen Mijere the face and brains behind the Shortstuff brand (insert loud applause).

Hellen, it’s an absolute pleasure to have you grace the Nsatu-rated Thoughts corner of this big internet world. Thank you for finding the time to give us a preview into your business world.

  1. How would you describe your business in 5 words?
  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Efficient
  • Bespoke
  • Trustworthy

2. What made you choose the industry you are in?

  • I enjoy being creative an clients trust me to impress them. Also, working hours in this industry are flexible.

3. What is that one thing that you feel sets you apart from competitors in the industry?

  • Definitely my customer service. You’ve got to give them a customer experience that they can’t help but want to make positive remarks about.

4. When did you start your business and what are some of your key milestones so far?

  • I started my business in July 2020. My two key milestones so far include: achieving customer loyalty and branding of my products.

5. Has technology impacted your business in any way?

  • Yes. My business is run online. As such, social media has made it easier to advertise and engage with clients.

6. What would you list as the advantages and disadvantages of running a business in a pandemic?

  • Disadvantage: Gift baskets are hands on and involve personal shopping, this increases my risk of exposure.
  • Advantages: Most people are afraid of leaving their homes and going to look for a gift so they require my services more than often. Additionally, people spend more time on social media and this increases the chances of potential clients finding my website.

7. What are some of you customer retaining techniques?

  • Maintaining good customer service relations
  • Good quality and presentation of my products and services
  • Giving clients value for their money

8. Any closing remarks?

  • Every gift gives me an opportunity to be creative and put a smile on my clients’ face. I am still learning and growing even from my competitors who push me to do better.

Here is the link to the Shortstuff Facebook Business Account:

Blogger’s remarks: I find it intriguing that ShortStuff was birthed during the pandemic and it continues to thrive despite inevitable local, regional and international economic hardships. A reminder that indeed, we can achieve anything we set our minds and hearts to.

Further, I am impressed by the emphasis on great customer service/relations. From the blogs I have been reading so far by other Afrobloggers, terrible client service is a consistent and uniform outcry. As such, to have a business that prioritizes that needs of the clients is applaudable.

Thankyou Hellen, for your time and for breaking the ice for what I envision to be a great series beyond the #WinterABC Challenge.

Here’s to more Business E-nterviews!!!!

Join me tomorrow on another edition of the Business E-nterview as I profile another amazing entrepreneur.

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