Maybe ours was never meant to be a certain path Maybe chaos was the flavour we needed to spice our journey Maybe we were defined by the undefined bond we shared Maybe we should've fought harder Maybe compromise is what happiness comprises of Maybe having a part of you was better than none of you… Continue reading Maybe

Blew my way; Blew me away

Like the wind You Blew my way Gently Slowly You Blew me away I didn't feel the gravity pulling me down When I fell for you It was in the way you Walked Laughed Healed Breathed Existed It was in the moments when you were you- Just you Imperfect Confused Yet Present Reliable And Human… Continue reading Blew my way; Blew me away

“Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation”: WinterABC2022

The story begins way before I begin Housed for generations in the experiences preserved by storytellers that existed way before I did My home an incubation of the storyteller that lives within me Through jokes and laughter and fireside stories My home a portal transporting me to worlds bigger than my own Through books and… Continue reading “Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation”: WinterABC2022

Stories from Africa by Africans: Stories of Africa (Recap and Highlights)

This week, bloggers from across Africa came together and weaved stories of Africa. Today closes the curtains on the two out of five weeks of the #WinterABC2022 story telling festival hosted by Afrobloggers. In today's blog, I'll amplify various stories from Africa. The thoughts, poems, controversies, rants and everything that came between and beyond. Various… Continue reading Stories from Africa by Africans: Stories of Africa (Recap and Highlights)

The Hunter’s Letter: Dear Lion

"Until the lion begins to write, the stories will glorify the hunter" You sayDear Lion,Do you really perceive that glory comes from the story I tell?What is glory?What is the story?See how closely linked you've defined your being to your history?You appear to hold both the lock and the key to the cage you're in… Continue reading The Hunter’s Letter: Dear Lion

Black Is Not Pain: Stories of Africa (WinterABC2022)

Of bare rears and awkward staresThe shields and spears bowing to unknown fearsBullets and triggers suppression in our land lingersThe colour of our skin being the measure used to demean our beingBeing black amounts to pain Of blood stain and black strainThe blood shed accustomed to our black shadeAn unethical rain pouring through our cultural… Continue reading Black Is Not Pain: Stories of Africa (WinterABC2022)


Seems like a part of me will always have to loseEvery single time I have to chooseSwore that it felt right, but was I wrong?Is this where I'm supposed to be at all?I don't have the answers, not todayIt's like nothing makes the questions go awayWhat I'd give to seeIf the grass was greener On… Continue reading Wondering

Notes from my journal (3)

Sailing through the storms of life on the boat of growth Of downfalls, motivation and the lack thereof Of being continuously aware of my worth Knowing when to hold on and when to let go Knowing when to say much and when to say less Knowing when to blow up and when to stay calm… Continue reading Notes from my journal (3)