Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Collaboration note: Worked on this poem with Denzel, a seasoned writer whose poetry can be resonated with. For your reading pleasure, do visit his blog at:

You are my scissors

I’m not a rock

I’m just a paper

Be gentle

When you cut

Be clean

Don’t leave me with rough edges

I’m your scissors

Stationery stationed stationary

In your life for your years

Creative or destructive

Depends on how well you treat me

Tired of your paper emotions

I need you to be my rock

So I shall be your rock

Because paper can be burnt

These emotions will go up in flames

Lean on me on your bad days

When you shift from art to depression

Depression to levitation

I will be your euphoria

Your new found obsession

Rock, paper, scissors

Thoughts of you give me fizzers

Don’t crush my heart to pieces

Let’s settle this obsession into a love bliss

As strong as a rock

As fragile as a paper

As unpredictable as a scissors