Fashion Talk: Sustainable Fashion (#WinterABC- Day 17)

The first time I heard about sustainable fashion (as a concept) was from an amazing Zambian lady and fellow blogger, Taonga Kaonga in her blog post called: “An easy guide to practicing sustainable fashion”. I found it insightful and decided to amplify her voice through this post as well as share my views.

What is sustainable fashion?

Green Dreamers another insightful and reliable resource on sustainable fashion, defines it as, “clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly.” We are living in a time were environmentally friendly practices are no longer a luxury but a NEED. As such, adherence to sustainable fashion practices is everyone’s responsibility.

In her post, Taonga cautioned that:

The production and distribution of the crops, fibres, and garments used in fashion all contribute to environmental pollution, including water, air and soil pollution. Not to mention, many workers producing fast fashion items work under slave-like conditions …

-Excerpt from: An easy guide to practicing sustainable fashion

Green Dreamers further guide that, as the word sustainable entails being able to sustain, sustainable fashion must be one that “operates in ways that can continue working for years and decades to come “.

In a world filled with continuously changing trends, to be sustainable does not only require discipline but soft skills too- which are all very manageable as will be seen below.

How to practice sustainable fashion

Taonga shares the following steps:

  1. Purchase good quality and timeless clothing
  2. Avoid following every trend
  3. Learn simple hand stitching
  4. Buy less and be creative with your clothes
  5. Clothing Swaps
  6. Thrifting

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I believe most people do not even know that they are actually adhering to sustainable fashion practices. That’s how natural the guides feel. I think all we have to do to bridge the gap from where we are to where we want to be is to be more- intentional.

We also need to move away from certain norms like looking down on thrifting. We also have to be very okay with not being up to date with every and any trend. I like that Taonga speaks to buying less and being creative. It took me a lot to remind myself that I do not need a new outfit for every occasion but I can simply re-work the clothes in my wardrobe.

Do you practice sustainable fashion?

I will soon profile an amazing Zambian Fashion Designer and journey through fashion and cultural dynamics in our dialogue. Excited for this.

Until then,

Live long & read on!