Creatives Hub: The Created (#WinterABC- Day 2)

Welcome back to the room I call the Creatives Hub- a place where the various players in the creative cycle share their perspectives.

Before we go on, if you haven’t yet read my Day 1 post, now is your time:

Have you ever imagined what goes through the mind of a Creator? Do you ever view the Created as living being with breath, soul and a story to tell? If the Creation Process sat down to share it’s perspective, would you listen?

Today, we will hear from The Created ‘s perspective.

I like to think of myself as a shape shifter

I come in different fonts, punctuations and emotions

I come from different experiences, perspectives and objectives

There are times when my shape shifts into a happy note

When I serve as a window of hope for others

When by my being, people who are lost find themselves

When I function as a mirror reflecting the beauty that lies in people’s souls.

In this form, I am created for my creator’s audience.

There are times when my shape shifts into pieces of my creator’s soul

When I serve as an outlet

When I am flavoured with tears and sighs

When the only way the creator knows how to breathe is through me

In this form, I am created to be a hug through the screen for my creator.

There are times when I am but a crumpled paper in the bin besides the creator’s desk

When no matter how good I feel, the creator looks at me and thinks I am not good enough

When I am piled up in the drafts- waiting for the day I too get to travel to the published world

In this form, I feel like I don’t belong.

There are times when the creator allows me to take the lead

When the direction I’m headed is unknown, but the creator follows anyway

When I am allowed to be as loud, vulnerable and unpredictable as I can be

When I am trusted to arrive at an unforeseen destination

In this form, I am at my best- authentic and unapologetically me.

As we usher in Day 3,

Dear Creation Process, please tell us your story …