Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

Although this review comes in February, it should count as a January read- it was my last of last month. In this book John Green's art with words is paraded in the conversations between the various characters. He has a way of putting in phrases or sentences that are so beautifully crafted, the logophile in… Continue reading Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

Book Review: I’ll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco

Rudy Francisco is one of my all time favourite spoken word poets. His delivery and emotions when reciting is very captivating and transcending. His written words are no different. They're nothing short of magical. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection of 125 Poems. The collection starts by referencing a line from an old familiar song:… Continue reading Book Review: I’ll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco

Book Review: Home Body by Rupi Kaur

After reading home body, it is safe to say Rupi's brand is to offer literary hugs through her words. I know for a fact I will be re-reading her poetry collections through this year- her words are so relatable, easy flowing and crafted amazingly. after feeling disconnected for so longmy mind and body are finallycoming… Continue reading Book Review: Home Body by Rupi Kaur

Book Review: The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

Safe to say, I have started off my 2022 reading journey softly. Whereas my previous read was a short needed awakening, this one felt like a hug through the pages. It is a poetry collection that speaks to healing and growth- it likens this journey to that of a flower. In her own words (an… Continue reading Book Review: The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

Who moved my cheese is an easy-to-read book with a succinct story that gives invaluable life lessons about change and how to respond to change. I like that the setting is in direct speech- a conversation among colleagues recently reunited and reflecting about life. I also like how descriptive the story is and how the… Continue reading Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?