Closing off April 2022

I jokingly remarked to a colleague of mine not so long ago, that I wondered if my blog even remembered my existence. To be fair, I think I was being extremely unkind to myself having had episodes previously were my writer's block lasted months (or was it years in?) whereas this time around it's just… Continue reading Closing off April 2022

Conversations with Nsatu and Lebo: Letters to our bodies

In our series, Conversations with Nsatu and Lebo, we would like to unpack our truest, sincerest, and deepest feelings to our bodies. Like our first series, we'll be tackling issues from both sides of the coin (un-employment-in-a-pandemic-featuring-lebogang). I'll start with recounting what my journey with my weight and society has been followed by a Thankyou… Continue reading Conversations with Nsatu and Lebo: Letters to our bodies

What I have learnt about love

I have learnt more about love from letting go than holding on Unwillingly so I have learnt that love, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed The "law of conservation of love", if we may call it that Much like matter, I have learnt that love simply changes form From solid to liquid to… Continue reading What I have learnt about love

About Burn Out- A poem

Tick tock Goes the clock The to-do list The only thing successfully done A disconnect Between my body and mind I shut my eyes Hoping for rest But my mind stays awake Racing and pacing I wake up Exhausted Tick tock Goes the clock My mind feels blocked Can't think straight In my heart there's… Continue reading About Burn Out- A poem

MARCH 2022: Month of the Woman

Hello beautiful people! I know we are already 12 days in, but HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! My life has been consumed by loads of work and personal development and between then and now, I haven't had the time to sit down and type away. So grateful for the chance to do it now. A special shout… Continue reading MARCH 2022: Month of the Woman

Mirror-mirror on the wall,

Mirror-mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? What is fair? let me know Is life really fair after all? Mirror-mirror on the wall, Shattered glasses on the floor No reflection to show my flaws "Fair" wont matter as I go Mirror-mirror on the wall, Can you reflect my inner glow? My… Continue reading Mirror-mirror on the wall,

Let the pen flow; Let the pain go.

Writing has always been an escape for me. In this unpredictable world where "life happens"; writing is one thing I feel I have control over. I decide when the sentence will end, which paragraph will follow, how it will flow and alot of other things. I am in control in that moment and it feels… Continue reading Let the pen flow; Let the pain go.

Travel Blog: Kumapili Hotel in Chililabombwe, Zambia.

Chililabombwe is a town in the Copperbelt Province is Zambia. It is home to some of the biggest mines in the country and the most lovely, helpful people. It is a small semi-urban place with lots of trees and fresh air. Although I was born on the Copperbelt (in Chingola), I never got to visit… Continue reading Travel Blog: Kumapili Hotel in Chililabombwe, Zambia.

Let’s Catch Up!

Hey there, beautiful people! How you all doing? (I am fine, thanks for asking lol) It's been a while since I posted a blog and separation anxiety started kicking in. So here I am, breaking the silence in the middle of a hectic schedule. I've been upto so much away from here, my heart has… Continue reading Let’s Catch Up!

Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

Although this review comes in February, it should count as a January read- it was my last of last month. In this book John Green's art with words is paraded in the conversations between the various characters. He has a way of putting in phrases or sentences that are so beautifully crafted, the logophile in… Continue reading Book Review: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green