Faith Chronicles: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

What can wash away my sins?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Oh precious is the flow

That makes me white as snow

No other fount I know

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

For my pardon this I see

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

For my cleansing this I plea

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is all my hope and peace

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is all my righteousness

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

I wish I could add more, but this song has been on my heart. If you’re reading this, I pray you re-read the lyrics shared above and that God may minister to you as he has done to me.

If you prefer listening to it, you can do so below:

Thankyou for being part of my faith journey.

Continue praying for me as I pray for you.

Stay rooted in love and kindness

Music Review: Who Am I by Casting Crowns

If you have been reading my blogs for some time now, you would know one or both of these two things about me:

  1. I love music
  2. I am on a path to get closer to God and revive my spiritual spark – it should come as no surprise that I will be sharing more content on my Christian Journey here.

Today, a song that I have loved for a long time has been on my heart, mind and playlist. I thought I should share it here with hopes that someone may be blessed by it too.

Who Am I? by Casting Crowns:

I think I was either a teenager or about to be one when I first heard this song. It was on my older sister’s CD. Something in me sparked immediately and whenever that CD would play, I would make sure to fast forward to this song or excitedly wait for it to play.

By then I was still young, innocent and with minimal life encounters to fully comprehend the depths of the lyrics and what it meant to experience such love from God. The older I have grown and having lived through many trials, tribulations and errors- this song has become so meaningful and beautiful to me. It continues to carry so much weight as it is a reminder of God’s love for me.

Who am I that the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name? Would care to feel my hurt?

In some of my most hurt seasons, I have felt the love of Christ move in closer than ever and just consume me. It is in such seasons that I have been reminded of the friend I have in Jesus.

When I was younger I had little or no exposure to the type of pain that had me second guessing alot of things- my worth, life, value and so much. The older I grew, life encounters really pushed me to dark places and it is in those times that I would be guided by the loving light of God. Imagine the marvelous grace, to have the creator of heaven and earth that available and present – proof that the Word does not lie when it honours Him as a present help in times of need.

Who am I, that the eyes that see my sins would look on me with love and watch me rise again?

Who am I that the voice that calms the seas, would call out through the rain and calm the storm in me

The amazing thing about God’s love for me is how even in moments and seasons, such as this one, when I feel unworthy and undeserving to be called His own, When the enemy tries to remind me of everything I have not done right and make me shy away from the presence of God. His eyes look at me with LOVE. The type of love that covers a multitude of sins. They type of love that is intentional about watching me rise again. Unmerited favour, uncommon grace. I always stand amazed in is presence.

And you told me who I am…. I AM YOURS

As Sinach rightly puts, I know who God says I am…and because of this realization I walk in power, liberty and victory.

Thank you all my loves who are journeying with me and praying with me.

And if anyone reading this does not have a relationship with God and yearns for one, please do let me know. I am happy to be your friend in faith and prayer.

Until next time,

Thrive in love and kindness!

Honest Musings: More Than Gold

I have been meditating on the song titled “More Than Gold” by Judikay and I have been inspired to share on what it means to me, in this season and generally.

But first, here is the song:

Lately, I have been in a season which, all things being equal, should be one of my happiest ever. Almost everything I ever prayed for has come to fruition. Unfortunately, in this very season, I have been feeling more empty and lost than usual.

At first, I couldn’t put an exact finger on why the feelings were that way. I took a few steps back and begun evaluating my relationship with God and with people that matter most to me. I very quickly found myself lacking. I then realized that in this fast paced life full of various goals, ambitions and desires, I slacked in keeping my relationship with God as intense and consistent as it should be. The emptiness was a longing, a yearning… for a flame that once burnt so brightly.

As a deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you …

The song by Judikay really speaks volumes when it comes to the reality of the void in worldly possessions and achievements. God is truly all that is more than gold. One could “have it all” but without God, there really would be no contentment or peace. He is after all, the only one that gives peace that surpasses all human understanding.

” More than riches, more than life… Jesus is more than Gold…”

So, in this season, I am being intentional about re-igniting the flame. I love that scripture assures me that once I draw close to Him, He will draw close to me. Such a blessed assurance.

“Sweet Jesus, you’re the eyes that I see through. Sweet Jesus, I am dancing to your tune …”

Pray for me as I pray for you.

On Culture: Sounds from Africa (#WinterABC- Day 15)

Picture credit: Uclg

I think it is inadequate to speak of the African Culture without bringing music in the conversation. I’m very Afrocentric and gravitate a lot towards African Music- both old and new school.

In this post, I share up to 10 of my favourite jams across the continent. I should immediately say that this list is not exhaustive. Also, get your dancing shoes if you can or grab some coffee… as this will be both banging and soothing. Because if there’s one thing African Songs have it’s RANGE.

  1. We dive in, with a befitting song to toot the African Horn:
To be honest, I hardly understand what is being sung but I just feel this could make for some sort of African Anthem, don’t you think? A gem.

2. Oh, Tuku… A regional and international treasure. This is one of my many favourites by him (he may feature more than once on this list):

One of the Youtube comments which I rely on for interpretations of songs I cant understand describes the song as follows: “This song came out during the Era when having HIV was like a death penalty. He is basically saying that what shall we do to get the cure for this pandemic. If there is anyone who can have the ideas on the solution to this crisis, please come forward. He goes on to say: it is so painful to be raped by your married partner, knowing that you have HIV. Above all, there is no solution after death, we want the solution now

3. This is one of Awilo’s greatest projects. At a very young age, I knew it was not a party before this song was played:

If at this point your head is not bopping and your waist is not shaking… You’re disappointing our African Ancestors.

4. To keep the pace, here is yet another classic that captures the high African Spirit and our love for dance:

We could replace the desired African Passport with knowledge of this song and I am convinced people would still get by. It is one of the popular ones that easily crossed national boarders and became household favourites.

5. I bring you to my home town with is one- one of our timeless Artists (then known as Exile, now Israel)

This song is a comfort song. Pretty much telling someone, “you don’t look good being miserable, a face of yours deserves constant happiness and laughter” – don’t we all need to hear that sometimes?

6. Whilst we are in Zambia, it is only right that I roll out another one from a favourite:

This song pretty a vibing song. It talks about how his muse makes the time stop and temperatures rise. Romantics in the house say awwwwwww 🙂

7. We can’t deny the era, P-square ushered us into. This is definitely another African Sound. Easily made me get hooked onto Naija beats:

My schoolmates and I had a dance routine to this song. Good times.

8. This list cannot be complete without a feature from the legendary Brenda Fassie. This my personal favourite from her:

What a jam!

9. To shine a light on the new school, I know this scale is not balanced, I reminisced on a few songs and found myself going deeper. Buuut, Sauti Sol!!!! Helloooo… these guys are really doing everything beautiful. Here’s one of my favourites by them:

The aesthetic, the vocals, it’s EVERYTHING for me.

10. And to end on a high note, here is one for your waists… Waah!

I love how diverse and beautiful the African Culture is. Music is a very integral part of our culture. It is used to entertain, comfort and educate as shown in the pieces shared above.

This week, the Afrobloggers camp is heating up Winter with all things Culture and Fashion. Looking forward to more of what the week has in store.

Until then,

Live long & read on!

Valentines: 14 Love Songs xx

As music is a universal channel through which love as well as other emotions are communicated, I thought for this year’s Valentines I would share 14 of some of my all time favourite love or love related songs (in no particular order nor genre. Also, 14 is quite a limiting number but I will try my best to sample well)! Enjoy xx

  1. Lady by Kenny Rogers

I believe it’s befitting to start this list with this Kenny Rogers’ gem, MHSRIP. He has a serenading voice. How can someone say “lady” sooooo perfectly? Also, WHAT A WAY TO END A SONG!!! This one is definitely a favourite!

2. Stuck on you by Lionel Richie

This song is one of those familiar “feel good” songs. The mid tempo and lyrics are my favourite parts. The expression “I’ve got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can’t lose” resonates with me and dare I say, anyone who is or has ever been in love that deep. But then again, it’s Lionel Richie, exceptionalism is expected *Chef’s Kiss.

3. Answered Prayer by Lisa Bevill and Bob Carlisle

This song is a real tear jerker and makes great for a wedding song! The duet touch gives it such a wholesome aura. The focus on appreciating the love shared with someone is very fulfilling. It cannot be denied that gratitude is an important aspect of love.

4. When God Made You

As a Christian, I love that this song circles back a fulfilling love to God. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. Also, as mentioned earlier there is something about duets that’s so beautiful.

5.Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns To Rock

I feel there’s something profound about asking someone to take you to their heart. This song signifies intentionalism and the desire to learn about one’s loved one. Also, how deep is “take me to your heart, take me to your soul” love it!

6. Only You by Ric Hassani

The rhythm of this song is one of my favourite things about it. Definitely depicts most of the feelings that come with love. Ric Hassani undoubtedly gave us perfection with this one.

7. Slowly by Meddy

This is one of those songs you play on repeat for many hours. It is the epitome of feel good. The artistic blend of languages? ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

8. Example by Afunika

For those that can understand the song, I don’t have to qualify the vibes it gives any further! It’s definitely a jaaaaaam. For those that don’t understand it, this song is sung in Bemba, a tribe in Zambia. It is pretty much a song about a man appreciating his woman and suggesting she is the epitome of love and beauty with dramatic examples to go by. I like how cheesy it is and the tune is A VIBE! Had to make the list 🙂

9. At My Worst by Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ definitely has very cute love songs. This one in particular had to make my list because it erases the idea of finding someone “perfect”. It gives the realistic side of love that involves loving each other through the worst times. A feel good tune! Love it. (Listen to 17 & Low by Pink Sweat$ too! amazing songs)

10. I Try by Macy Gray

In this song, Macy Gray showcases the vulnerability that comes with love. The idea of one’s world crumbling without their loved one’s is a familiar feel. Also, HER VOICE is all that. Totally love it.

11. Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey

This songs paints a picture of a cyclic love. The breakup x makeup that flavours most love stories, otherwise called “ups and downs” or “been through a lots” lol. I like that it gives the face of love that is, for most people, relatable and realistic.

12. Ordinary People by John Legend

Like most of the songs on this list, this one is also one of my all time favourites, I like that it doesn’t paint a trial less version of love & doesn’t add certainty to it(I know that sounds a tad bit controversial, but hey..). “Maybe we’ll live and learn, maybe we’ll crush and burn”.. THAT PART.

13. Crush by Yuna ft Usher

My favourite thing about this song is that it showcases the thrill of falling for someone, one of the most satisfying parts of love and loving.

14. Knock You Down by Keri Hilson and others (lol)

Had to end the list on a high note and what better song could do the trick? The fact that I can sing and rap to every part of this song shows how much of a favourite it is.

Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day today and hope you enjoyed my selection of the 14 songs.

Are any of these your favourite too?

Which one is your go to love song?

Happy Valentines!