Notes from my depression

[I keep unpublishing and republishing this post, its such a heavy, vulnerable extension of myself... I hope this time, I get the courage to leave it published for a longer time.... 4/3/2022 ... unpublished lol published again on 27/07/2022 this time, hopefully for a longer time] I should admit that this is the most spontaneous… Continue reading Notes from my depression

About Change

Hello lovely people! I hope that you have all been well in the time I have been away. How have I been? Well, I have been a lot of things to be honest. Happy, stressed, sad, confused, upset, jealous, fulfilled, loved, jovial, anti-social, busy ... Like I said, I have been- alot of things. But… Continue reading About Change

What I have learnt about love

I have learnt more about love from letting go than holding on Unwillingly so I have learnt that love, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed The "law of conservation of love", if we may call it that Much like matter, I have learnt that love simply changes form From solid to liquid to… Continue reading What I have learnt about love

About Burn Out- A poem

Tick tock Goes the clock The to-do list The only thing successfully done A disconnect Between my body and mind I shut my eyes Hoping for rest But my mind stays awake Racing and pacing I wake up Exhausted Tick tock Goes the clock My mind feels blocked Can't think straight In my heart there's… Continue reading About Burn Out- A poem

Music Review: My Attic by P!nk

When I first heard the song "My Attic" by P!nk, I felt SEEN. As a logophile, I am naturally drawn to lyrics over rhythm when it comes to songs. So finding myself in the words of others is a familiar feeling. However, this song was as exciting as it was triggering as it accurately articulated… Continue reading Music Review: My Attic by P!nk

The Little Girl in Me.

The little girl in me is wounded, bruised from the many times she couldn't access the world she dreamed of. The little girl in me is insecure, from all the times she wasn't called beautiful or pretty or made to feel desirable. The little girl in me is lonely, from all the times she grew… Continue reading The Little Girl in Me.

Wrapping Up 2021: A review of my resolutions.

At the beginning of this year, I set out some goals/resolutions that I intended to achieve in 2021. This blog is very likely my last for the year (or maybe not, we will see) regardless, I thought it would be a great value add for myself to just pace down, look back and see just… Continue reading Wrapping Up 2021: A review of my resolutions.

To the lover that I lost.

From the long messages when getting to know each other. The late night calls. The gradual yet intense obsession. The undeniable chemistry. The outbursts of laughter that made our lungs hurt. The deep, authentic, difficult conversations. The aligned visions. The matching energies. The locked hands. The tied souls. The highs were high. To losing sight… Continue reading To the lover that I lost.

Random-needed-Rumbling …

My mind and I are in a never ending war. It's like my life is a miniature battle field. Some days, I triumph over it. Successfully reclaiming my sanity, calm and peace. Some days it wins our wars, pushing me to the edge and making me feel things I would rather not. When does the… Continue reading Random-needed-Rumbling …