Closing off April 2022

I jokingly remarked to a colleague of mine not so long ago, that I wondered if my blog even remembered my existence. To be fair, I think I was being extremely unkind to myself having had episodes previously were my writer's block lasted months (or was it years in?) whereas this time around it's just… Continue reading Closing off April 2022

MARCH 2022: Month of the Woman

Hello beautiful people! I know we are already 12 days in, but HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! My life has been consumed by loads of work and personal development and between then and now, I haven't had the time to sit down and type away. So grateful for the chance to do it now. A special shout… Continue reading MARCH 2022: Month of the Woman

Let the pen flow; Let the pain go.

Writing has always been an escape for me. In this unpredictable world where "life happens"; writing is one thing I feel I have control over. I decide when the sentence will end, which paragraph will follow, how it will flow and alot of other things. I am in control in that moment and it feels… Continue reading Let the pen flow; Let the pain go.

Let’s Catch Up!

Hey there, beautiful people! How you all doing? (I am fine, thanks for asking lol) It's been a while since I posted a blog and separation anxiety started kicking in. So here I am, breaking the silence in the middle of a hectic schedule. I've been upto so much away from here, my heart has… Continue reading Let’s Catch Up!

February 2022: HOPE

Happy New Month beautiful people of the blogverse!!! I hope the year is going great for you all so far. Mine is going awesome. January went by quite quickly in my world, I found time to read for leisure and now I'm on an addictive path- look out for alot of Book Reviews content this… Continue reading February 2022: HOPE

How to let go

To be honest, I don't think there is any uniform approach that can be used as a precise science when it comes to letting go. I feel falling in and or out of love is very subjective and is experienced differently. That notwithstanding, I came across a picture on Instagram (from the diamondwords account) that… Continue reading How to let go

January 2022: New Beginnings

First things first, Happy New Year!!!! Thankyou so much for returning to my blog and being part of my journey this far. I am excited for the conversations, collaborations and creations that will come with this year. I was wondering what title would befit my first blog of the year, till I came across daily… Continue reading January 2022: New Beginnings

Wrapping Up 2021: A review of my resolutions.

At the beginning of this year, I set out some goals/resolutions that I intended to achieve in 2021. This blog is very likely my last for the year (or maybe not, we will see) regardless, I thought it would be a great value add for myself to just pace down, look back and see just… Continue reading Wrapping Up 2021: A review of my resolutions.

Notes from Eat Pray Love

I recently watched the movie EatPrayLove for the first time, yet to read the book. Whereas this is not exactly a movie review, I found it very soothing and took a few notes from the movie which I will share below: " ... a heartbreak you wont let go of because it hurts so good"… Continue reading Notes from Eat Pray Love