“Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation”: WinterABC2022

The story begins way before I begin

Housed for generations in the experiences preserved by storytellers that existed way before I did

My home an incubation of the storyteller that lives within me

Through jokes and laughter and fireside stories

My home a portal transporting me to worlds bigger than my own

Through books and newspapers and early school writings

My story from home only but a little piece of the bigger African narrative

Africa, a story that emanates from captivation and deprivation

Africa, a story bigger than her struggle for liberation

Africa, tied together by rhythm, fabric and other invisible strings

Africa, through stories from across the continent- our echoes of awareness ring

To be African and woman should not be limited to biases and stereotypes

Be aware

To have an African name should be met with lack of courtesy and willing ignorance

Be aware

To be differently abled in any shape, way or form should not be met with lack of inclusiveness

Be aware

Our awareness extended highlighting the stories from the world we live in

How the environment needs sustaining

How organic farms are key players in the climate change fight

How from the potential value of carbon credits we should not lose sight

How the digital transformation is making us leverage off of automation

Stories of how the world is advancing before our eyes through various innovation

How stories of play can be used to heal

How curtains opened and now curtains have closed

For the one mind game that allowed us to birth stories

For the one mind game that gave us audiences and louder voices

For the one mind game that allowed us to connect and reflect

For the one mind game that allowed us to entertain and educate

For the unforgettable winter we have journeyed playing the : WinterABC2022.

As we told stories of our Home, Africa, Awareness, World and Innovation.

From Nsatu-rated Thoughts, it’s been an absolute pleasure!!

I’ll do a blog on my experiences and reflections a little later and hopefully also finalise some thoughts I did not get to finalize in this period.

THANKYOU for reading, engaging, suggesting, and for being all round amazing people.

The blogging community is one of my favourite places to be.

Looking forward to continued interactions.

Until then,

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