Oh Cramp! – A random rant about period pains.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock After barely crawling through the past weekend and the past few days, I have finally gathered the strength to declare war on what has proved to be one of my worst undefeated enemies over the years! Period pains!!! And yes, you guessed right, I choose to use words as they are… Continue reading Oh Cramp! – A random rant about period pains.

It’s Crazy …

It's crazy That I chose to name this blog it's crazy but... that's how my life has felt for the past hours, days, weeks may be months? Writing is an outlet... so here I am, trying to catch my breath as I lose myself in words hoping I somehow I find myself here too. It's… Continue reading It’s Crazy …

Little Joys: Rain, Coffee and Chocolate-Chip Cookies ❤

Am I the only one that finds pure joy in the simplest things? Sometimes it's in the carefully crafted words of a social media publication. Other times, unexpected compliments from friends,family or even strangers feel me with joy. There also days when the sight of a beautiful sunset or the full moon in a clear… Continue reading Little Joys: Rain, Coffee and Chocolate-Chip Cookies ❤


Valentines 2018. This was no ordinary February 14th solely dedicated to the profound expressions of love. In the turn of events, this year... valentine's clashed with Ash Wednesday and 'the Madrid game'. This  'clash of the titans' aroused an endless trail of jokes about how romance should be the last thing expected. Buuuut...  woe to… Continue reading ABOUT VALENTINES 2018