Oh Cramp! – A random rant about period pains.

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After barely crawling through the past weekend and the past few days, I have finally gathered the strength to declare war on what has proved to be one of my worst undefeated enemies over the years! Period pains!!! And yes, you guessed right, I choose to use words as they are my most trusted weapons in many wars lol.

You know I always wonder why period pains have to be soooo brutal to me. I mean, for the most, I am good citizen. I pay my taxes, I do not litter and I am a registered voter. Surely that should give me some form of immunity from the torture that comes with this bleeding pain. But no, it’s a constant fight for my life whenever Mr P comes along.

Also, I am well aware that society has tried to make conversations such as this one almost taboo. I find that weird lol. We should be free to talk about periods and the pain associated without it feeling like an abomination. The stares in the store, especially from the non-bleeding privileged gender, when I am confidently carrying my pads really baffles me. What’s even worse is how shopkeepers try their best to pack them away real quick or layer them in opaque material- it’s as if they’d rather die before their female customers are brought into community damnation for purchasing pads LOL this has to stop, please.

Anyway, I think it would be retrogressive to not turn this random rant into something more growing like, maybe… Tips on how to deal with period pains. So here goes some positivity:

My 5 tips on how to deal with period pains:

  1. Just CRY

Lol. No but really, I sometimes cry to let the pain flow.

2. Hot Water Bottle

My hot water bottle (or equivalent alternatives) are really my best friends during the very trying times. I don’t know the science behind it, I never really like biology and other sciences in high school to be honest. But there should be a medical explanation for how the heat helps with soothing the pain.

3. Hot Shower

Again. Heat comes in to save the day. This really helps me. Also, the water should almost burn me for it to do justice.

4. Caaaaaaaake & Sweet Treats

*deep happy sigh* there’s something about my sweet guilty pleasures and winning the war against the painful period villains. Albeit temporarily, it really does the deeds.

5. Sleeping on the floor

See everything about this villain is about discomfort. It’s really the enemy that is out to kill. So in surrender I humbly lay on the cold hard floor and – somehow, sometimes, it does help.

Additional tip: PAINKILLERS!!! This should have topped my list if I am being honest, I would have probably been a loving memory without them. lol

To conclude this random rant, I should state that as a diplomatic person who believes in negotiations over violence and conflict, I truly believe we are underserving of the brutality that comes with period pains. Worse still, we are not afforded a platform or opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions. Like if you asked me- a monthly text message, saying “SAFE” or something would be a better alternative. But what are the odds *cries* …. but we are not quitters! We live to fight another day lol

So, tell me dear readers, what are your effective remedies against the period pain plague? Do some of my tips above resonate with you?

For my non-bleeding readers, please share what you do to help in this never ending fight lol if you dont do anything, I am side eyeing and judging you!! Just kidding…. or am I? lol

Okay, I am done for now.

Until next time,

Read on and live long,

It’s Crazy …

It’s crazy

That I chose to name this blog it’s crazy but… that’s how my life has felt for the past hours, days, weeks may be months?

Writing is an outlet… so here I am, trying to catch my breath as I lose myself in words hoping I somehow I find myself here too.

It’s crazy

Cause I don’t even know how I want to write about what I want to write about

Should it be poetic? Should it be uncoordinated? Or should it be a long tale of how life can sometimes be … crazy.

I always gravitate towards the artists that can easily show their scars- I appreciate them for being living proof that the world accommodates doldrums and doesn’t always demand highs without lows

Even more I admire them for I know all too well that it takes a lot of strength to be weak

So here I am.. in my weakness

Perceiving strength, although it eludes me.

It’s crazy … cause I literally do not know what to write after that line.

I guess these are the consequences of not critically thinking and planning through stuff before it’s said or done


Cause I’m living through other consequences of other similar acts

On days like this, I fall back on the words of John Green, one of my favourite authors :

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I need never be hopeless, I remind myself

Because I can never be irreparably broken

The hope of repair, soothes despair

I live to fight another day,

Dear Diary,


I haven’t done this in a while. But sometimes push comes to shove and no other option is left. I make this entry during the lunch break of a busy working day and an emotionally devastating day. My heart has been aching lately but today? today it shattered in a million pieces and between my professional obligations and limited time to process everything going on- I have found myself in a trench. I am not okay. I hope I will be though. I’ll fight to be.

I am trying to find the right words to pour out without pouring it all out. Because, you know- I’m guarded. This will be the most uncoordinated post I’ll make. But I liken it to writing a letter and throwing it deep in the ocean. Not knowing how far it will sink, but hoping that as it does, it drowns the negativity looming over my heart.

So maybe, maybe I should the list things that I hate/ that make me unhappy. Perhaps, as I overshare, the lump on my throat will dissolve and I’ll be able to breathe better for the rest of the day than I have in the past hours.

I hate that life, love and experiences in general are temporary.

I hate that I feel too deeply.

I hate that my highs are HIGH and my lows are LOW.

I hate that human interaction leaves so much room for misunderstandings.

I hate that I have to show up, despite how I feel.

I hate that I’m crying as I type this.

I hate that I cant fully express how I feel.

I hate that I cant fully understand why I feel.

I hate that life is cyclic.

I hate that I cant be assured this is the last time I will be in the place I am in right now.

I hate that some people who care about me may read this and want to check up on me but I wont be willing or ready to have the conversation.

I hate the power my mind has over me.

I hate that I elude happiness.

I hate that I hate soooo many things …

I hate that even after typing all this, I do not feel any better.



Along comes … APRIL :)

Photo credit: Turtleberrry Press

Can’t believe we are already in the fourth month of the year… time is indeed fleeting.

As we welcome April, we are drawn out of the first quarter of 2021. My unsolicited quarterly highlights of the year (which I have spontaneously thought of sharing) are as follows:

  • This blog got a special feature on a podcast review!!! Was truly honoured to have 16 minutes dedicated to reviewing some of my poetry. Thankyou Louisa Msiska, the voice behind The Failed Poet podcast ( https://anchor.fm/thefailedpoet )
  • I overcame imposter syndrome as far as my artistic journey is concerned, I know I may relapse here and there but for now, I BELIEVE IN MY SAUCE & MAJIC and most importantly, I’ll keep learning and growing.
  • Joined a group of my lawyer friends as we hope to create something to benefit the community- I’ll be sharing on this more as the execution process goes along.
  • I survived burnout and severe exhaustion – we live in a very high pressure era and I found myself slipping at some point in the quarter. I’m glad I pulled through.
  • God saved the life of someone I love dearly. This has been my GREATEST BLESSING in the first quarter.

Having shared the above, I must say, I can’t help but be optimistic about what the rest of this year has in store. The first quarter has been generally flavoured with loss of loved ones for most people as we continue to fight the COVID pandemic. As such, I don’t take it for granted that despite the world order, the sun has been finding time to shine on me.

Welcome April, be good to me. Please.

Little Joys: Rain, Coffee and Chocolate-Chip Cookies ❤


Am I the only one that finds pure joy in the simplest things?

Sometimes it’s in the carefully crafted words of a social media publication.

Other times, unexpected compliments from friends,family or even strangers feel me with joy.

There also days when the sight of a beautiful sunset or the full moon in a clear sky fill my soul  with inexpressible bliss.

Well, today, I found my little joy in the morning rains, my coffee and chocolate chip cookies. Imagine that!

As the rain gracefully poured,  escorted by vigorous thunder and lightning…the warmth of the coffee and sweetness of the cookies were a perfect combination to experience the weather with.

Yes, I know you may be wondering “what’s the fuss?” It’s just coffee, cookies and familiar rains… but, like I said my joy is found in the little, simple things.

Today, this has been my little joy. ❤



Valentines 2018. This was no ordinary February 14th solely dedicated to the profound expressions of love. In the turn of events, this year… valentine’s clashed with Ash Wednesday and ‘the Madrid game’.

This  ‘clash of the titans’ aroused an endless trail of jokes about how romance should be the last thing expected.

Buuuut…  woe to those that actually believed the world was going to hold back expressing love to their loved ones (HAHA! in your faces you anti-romance villains! *petty of me..I know I know lol*).

See, in reality, most people were actually  going over and beyond their means to please the people that meant a lot to them.

But how do I know this for sure?

Well, I too was helping organise a gift..for my bestfriend’s valentine.


As we moved from the town centre to various shopping malls, my eyes were astonished by the number of people moving round doing the same thing we were doing- gift hunting! 🙂

One thing that stood out for me was when we went to a flower shop (Flower Boutique) at midday only to discover they had run out of roses. People were really on top of their game.

Now, just the day before valentines I was talking to a male friend who was convinced valentine’s was meant to “favour the ladies”. According to him, only women received gifts and sentiments on that day… what a deadly misconception! I don’t know about other ladies but, the ladies in my circle were actually doing the most for their men.

Take a glimpse:


I believe love and its expression is meant to be reciprocated. If your woman is not doing the most for you… speak up! Let her know and let her change her ways… I know for certain that men love to be pampered too lol.

And for the men that continue to shower their women with gifts and affection. You stay winning. Small acts really keep the fire burning.

Men such as these: *Slow clap*


I’ve met a few people that don’t believe in Valentine’s because according to them, “love is an every day thing and not just a one day blah blah blah” well, firstly, *yawwwwwn*… I mean, taking a day to go ALL OUT for the one you love does not in any way take away from the fact that love continues to flourish on other days. Riddle me this, does the fact that your birthday is celebrated on one particular day take away from the fact that your life and existence is appreciated every other day? Certainly not! But, that’s just my strong opinion…and yes, it could be because I am a VERY SENTIMENTAL being. Unapologetically.

I undoubtedly love, love. My heart is warmed up to the thought of expressed love. Put simply, that is the reason I love days such as valentine’s. They allow for the expression of something I love, LOVE. 🙂

Having said that, I hope you showed and(or) someone showed you love this valentine’s and the days before and after.

Regardless, I’m glad to have witnessed the fact that the spirit of expressed love is still ALIVE.

Always let love lead.

Always express love.

Always love love.


love sickness

This is a story about an ordinary girl.

As the story begins,  she has a lump on her throat.

A sense of wrong.

A home sickness, a love sickness.

She grows through the wrong but the lump can’t dissolve, so her words are left unspoken.

Tired of being homesick; she seeks home.

But home is where the heart is and the heart speaks love; a love sickness.

Being homesick and lovesick both create a sadness that is like a wound that cannot heal.

In the midst of all the pain and sorrow…  she still yearns happiness.

She has to heal the sickness.

But, she has gotten used to the pain she no longer knows what it’s like to be happy.

Pain and Sorrow have clouded her hope for tomorrow.

So she stays with the home sickness, the  love sickness.

She’s trapped, like a man that lives in his head.

Emotions bottled in her mind.

Her mind is like a house with walls covered in pain, the floor flowing like a river of rage.

However, she still chases perfection cause like every human she craves happiness.

She craves happiness yet she chooses to hold back.

Fear and uncertainty disguised as safety get the best of her.

She shuts out the pain and closes down the sorrow.

But she still cannot seem to define happiness that’s truly happy.

The Lump on her throat begins to dissolve.

Sometimes words usually preferred unsaid escape.

Still, she holds back.

They say love is blind, maybe that’s why she closes her eyes to the endless opportunities to see the beauty that lies in love.

However, she still chases perfection because like every human, she also crave happiness.

Love, emotions, happiness it’s all a maze to her, she rarely almost never understands them.

She’s  lost in her own conscience and she keeps her heart barricaded.

Admittedly, she is emotionally scarred.

Even though the lump on her throat is almost gone, on most days she cannot differentiate if its herself or her fear that does the talking.

The story ends without the lump on the throat.

Having mastered the sense of wrong, she now searches to settle for right.

Acknowledging the pain, recognizing the sorrow, but still holding on to the hope for a better tomorrow.

A place where the heart is medicated and love is healed.

A place free from love sickness and homesickness.

A happy place.


Wait, there’s more …the story seems to continue …


Perhaps happiness is a place too far to reach… and along the journey, in search of her new home she bumped into her former home- sadness.

It dragged her back ‘home’ claiming there’s no place quite like home. See, they taught her home is where the heart is… guess that’s why she feel safe being sad. Perhaps it became home.

Yet still, the sickness creeps in- the love sickness… the home sickness… thought she mastered the sense of wrong but guess she was still its servant.

The dissolved lump on the throat solidifies once again, this time stronger. Pain flows like a wave from the ocean of sadness in which she drowns.

She gave the heart a wrong prescription, the medicine that seemed to heal love only sickened it more, now it’s in a comma-almost dead.

Trapped back in the place where there is love sickness and homesickness.

So now she makes a resolve, next time she follows love searching for home, she’ll tell it to shun its intuition and experience and insist it carries a compass instead (you know; the way, the truth and the life) cause with the trusted compass that parts red seas, she knows she will never get lost in her own direction. Ever again.

God is Love


[Nsatu-Rated Thoughts]